In Group power and trust

In Group power and trust

In Group power and trust

INKARD Medical Group

INKARD Medical Group is a network of private medical centers (clinics and hospital departments) located in the western part of Poland in Wielkopolska and Lubuskie Region (Poznań, Puszczykowo, Plewiska, Słubice), providing a highly effective environment for conducting clinical trials in various fields, especially in cardiology, including interventional cardiology and electrophysiology, angiology, geriatrics and internal medicine area.


According to the requirements of the individual study protocol, we are able to create a medical team of any specialized profile. Despite the health centers were opened between 2001 and 2014, our physicians have participated in clinical studies since 1995. They are fully capable to conduct Phase II-IV of medicinal products’ and medical devices clinical trials both in the inpatient and outpatient settings of our main center and area facilities. Our staff possess GCP certificates.


INKARD Medical Group provide efficient screening, excellent cooperation with the Sponsor and CRO, as well synchronized effort of Marketing and IT departments equally with medical team to conduct the clinical studies fast and with effectiveness expected by the Sponsor. There is no fear about even the most difficult research conducted.

Patients can be fully calm about their safety during experimental therapy. The treatment is based on the latest achievements of contemporary medicine. Patients get access to the modern drug and device therapies.

We react quickly to all trials challenges.

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Therapeutic Areas


• Cardiology • Gastroenterology • Neurology
• Family Medicine • Orthopedics • Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
• Dermatology • Vascular Diseases • Pain management
• Endocrinology • Musculoskeletal • Urology
 • Nephrology

Strona główna

INKARD Medical Group has an access to the widest group of patients covered by a public health insurance in Poland (nearly 100%) and in Germany.


Andrzej Łukaszyk, MD
Mobile: +48 501 254 365

INKARD Ltd. Lp.,
ul. Hetmańska 1A/12, 60-254 Poznań, Poland
ul. Kraszewskiego 11, 62-041 Puszczykowo

ul. Daszyńskiego 1, 69-100 Słubice, Poland

ALLMED – Foundation for Polish Medicine,
ul. Hetmańska 1A/12, 60-254 Poznań, Poland